Canto Nine Srimad Bhagavatam at a Glance (Color)


When the Supreme Lord Räma ruled the earth in ancient times, there was no bodily and mental suffering, disease, old age, bereavement, lamentation, distress, fear or fatigue. There was even no death for those who did not want it. It was heaven on earth. But it was not always like that, because on the day of Räma’s coronation, He was banished to the forest. There He had many adventures, and His wife Sétä was even kidnapped by the powerful demon Rävaëa. Lord Räma went through great difficulty to rescue his wife, with the help of the monkeys headed by Hanumän. Amazingly, they built a floating bridge over the ocean from India to Laìkä. Lord Räma showed by His life that virtue must conquer over vice, and if one becomes His devotee and worships Him, one can live happily in this world and the next.

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In canto 9 we hear ancient tales of the lives of great kings and sages, leading up to the description of the Yadu dynasty in which the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Kåsëa, appeared. Lord Kåñëa descends to this earth whenever there is a decline in religious principles and increase in irreligion. Out of compassion, Kåñëa comes to deliver the living entities and bring them back to Godhead. To show causeless mercy to the devotees who would take birth in the future, Kåñëa acted in such a way that simply by remembering Him one will be freed from all the lamentation and unhappiness of material existence. So let us hear of the wonderful activities of Lord Kåñëa’s devotees and incarnations, and we will surely become free from the struggle for existence in this world and live always in transcendence.

Canto Nine contains a pictorial overview (a picture for every verse) with a written overview at the end of each chapter.

Two free color posters are included in this book:
Poster 1: Canto Nine Part One chapters 1-13 at a glance divided into sections
Poster 2: Canto Eight Part Two chapters 14-24 at a glance divided into sections

Softbound, 223 pages
43 color images, 8 and ½ by 11 inches
Weight 700

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