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This is a photo presentation of the beautiful Deities in ISKCON Centers around the world. Includes 28 centers in the USA, 3 in Canada, 14 in India, 21 in Europe, 6 in Australia, 2 in New Zealand, 4 in Africa, 2 in South America, 2 in Central America (Mexico), and one in Asia

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This is a collection of photos of various beautiful Deities in ISKCON centres from around the world. These photos inspire one spiritually. The Deity is the Lord’s special mercy to allow us to meditate on His spiritual form, even if we do not have the qualifications to see the spiritual world as yet. To observe the Deities in the temple, and allow ourselves to be seen by the Deity, is an exchange called darshan. Through this means, we also engage our mind and senses in focusing on the Supreme.What really calls the Divine to come forth and appear as the Deity in the temple or reciprocate with us is simply our devotion and love. When one exhibits love for God, the Divine can appear anywhere. Even though we may not be going to a temple right now, we can still have the darshan of the Supreme through seeing these photographs of the Deities.

Hardbound, 12″x16″ full color, 4.7 kg.

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